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The Letters Page is a correspondence-themed literary journal with the written letter as its primary form.

Published three times a year, each issue is available as a free downloadable PDF. 

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  • If it takes a million journals…

    Last year I worked on The Letters Page as a young and impressionable Opportunist. I have to admit, I was a bit naive going into the journal business. In fact, I keep discovering just how naive I am about a lot of things in this life. For instance, if you asked the fifteen year old me how many books there were in the world, I’d have probably answered with a shockingly low number, something along the lines of 20,000 or whatever. In the same vein, if you were to ask me a year ago how many online journals there were, or journals in general to be honest, I’d have answered very conservatively with several thousand or so. But how wrong I was about both. Did you know that there are more books on this planet now than you or I or the entire audience of this blogpost could read in a lifetime? Likewise, there are so many journals out there, we couldn’t possibly name them all, let alone read them. With the internet thriving as it is, even if we started listing all the journals in the world right now, we would find ourselves forever adding to that number - the list would continue to grow as more and more journals enter the fray on a daily basis. There is so much written now that we’ll just never be able to read it all.

    And yet, that’s such a wonderful thought, is it not? You and I are never going to run out of things to read. Yeah some of it is absolutely pants, but some of it really isn’t. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll stumble across something - a poem, an article, a story, a letter - that takes you, that points its fingers at you and says to you ‘You, yes you, I’m talking to you.’ You’ll listen to it too, and when it’s finished you’ll just sit there, unable to move. When you do get up, you’ll get up slowly, and for days you won’t get it out of your head. Isn’t that worth hunting for?

    I want to find these texts, and I want there to be more of them. There will never be enough of them.

    I remember last year while still working on The Letters Page there was an individual who asked us what we were doing, why were we setting up another journal, after all it’s not like we were offering anything particularly novel now was it. To that person I say pants. I want to hunt for that something, and if it takes a million journals to find it, then so be it; there’s bound to be that one thing that makes you tick in all those millions of texts. The wonderful thing about online journals is that no matter what, you’re going to find something there that’s right up your alley, it just takes a bit of digging.

    - Jordan Hallam

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