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The Letters Page is a correspondence-themed literary journal with the written letter as its primary form.

Published three times a year, each issue is available as a free downloadable PDF. 

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Recently, at The Letters Page

  • Now that the latest editorial team have flown the nest, we’re aware that it's been a while since our last blog post and with the next issue fast approaching the deadline we thought we would take a moment to reflect on the lack of theme for the issue 6.

    We could be wrong but we think it may have had a positive effect on our submissions. This time round, we have received more letters than we've ever had which covered a range of topics. Some of these letters appeared to correspond to previous themes, so we have had letters of complaint, letters of protest, and letters home. We have had stories, poetry,  a reimagining of a fairytale character and locks of hair. There were a number of letters detailing hospital visits and operations; perhaps the future of the NHS is something that is on the collective minds of contributors? Thanks to the hard work of our submissions editor this year we also appear to have more letters than ever before from overseas some of which have made their way into the forthcoming issue.

    The more that we think about, the more it seems that the lack of theme is pushing the boundaries of the quality, depth and creativity of the submissions we’ve received so for the meantime we’re going to stick with it. We hope you enjoying writing the letters as much as we enjoy reading them and we’re looking forward to the submissions for Issue 7: closing date is September 15th, address is the usual….

    - Leah Wilkins, from the Editorial Office

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