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The Letters Page published its first issue in October 2013, sending a selection of letters from Magnus Mills, Colum McCann, Clare Wigfall, and Gerard Donovan, amongst others, to our small-but-heroic band of early subscribers. The issue was launched by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nottingham, Sir David Greenaway, who pressed the appropriate button on the laptop and sent the PDF file winging its way into the world.

The subsequent six issues, featuring letters from Kevin Barry, George Saunders, Claire-Louise Bennett, Naomi Alderman, Andrey Kurkov, Joanna Walsh, and many more, have reached the email inboxes of an ever-growing list of subscribers; some of whom have chosen to print out and fold the issue into a variety of formats, others of whom have preferred to read it on the screen of their choice.

We’ve been sent letters from every continent except Antarctica (and we’re working on that); letters about love and loss and hope and annoyance, letters that have made us laugh and letters that have made us gaze wistfully through our office window; letters on blue paper, cream paper, white paper, letters on tissues and napkins, letters on postcards and letters stuffed into bottles. We’ve enjoyed reading them all, and choosing which ones to publish.

The first print issue of The Letters Page was published in 2016. Volume 2 was published in September 2017 and following on from the celebration of the printed object of Vol 1, Vol 2 comes in a limited edition embossed envelope.

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