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Frequently Asked Questions


I want to read The Letters Page…

How do I join the mailing list?
Please subscribe to our emails using this link.
How can I access the most recent issue of The Letters Page?
You can access our most recent issue from our email newsletter archive. If you subscribe to our email list, the next issue of The Letters Page will be sent to your inbox as soon as it is ready. In the meantime, you can visit our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Medium page.
How can I access past issues of The Letters Page?
You can access our previous digital issues by visiting our email newsletter archive. You can also visit our archive of letters to further explore The Letters Page. Print editions of Volumes 1 and 2 are still available to purchase here:

I want to submit to The Letters Page…

What is The Letters Page looking for in a submission?
We look for work which does something valuable with the idea of correspondence. We want you to write a letter to somebody, whatever that means to you. We recommend that writers read our previously published work by visiting our email newsletter archive and our archive of letters before submitting.
Does my submission have to be in the form of a handwritten letter?
Yes, all submissions must come in the form of a handwritten letter. Submissions that are not in letter form will be automatically rejected. 
Is there a word limit?
Although we care more about the quality of your piece than the length of it, we rarely publish letters longer than 2000 words.
I submitted a while ago - why have I not heard anything?
While we aim to promptly email you if your submission has not been chosen, this is not always possible. If you have not heard from us after a few months, please assume that your piece has not been selected on this occasion.
Do I receive anything if my submission is published?
Published contributors will receive a gift subscription to one of our favourite small presses or literary journals.
Do you accept previously published work?
No, we do not publish any previously published work.
Can I submit work simultaneously to The Letters Page and other publications?
Yes. We ask that you inform us of this when you submit and that you notify us if it is accepted elsewhere.
Should my submission contain a short biography?
There is no need to include a biography with your submission. We'll find out about you if we decide to publish your letter.

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