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Welcome to The Letters Page

The Letters Page is a literary journal in letters, published by the School of English at the University of Nottingham and edited by Jon McGregor. We publish essays, stories, poetry, memoir, travelogue, and criticism; but all in the form of letters. We are interested in the literary traditions of letter-writing, and in the idea of correspondence in a digital age. We would love to hear from you.

The Letters Page: Volume 3 - Available Now 

The Letters Page, edited by Jon McGregor, is a literary journal in letters: all the stories, poems, and essays submitted are sent in the form of a handwritten letter.

In this issue, Max Porter writes to us about the fraternal hugs of John Berger; Claire-Louise Bennett sends us her last ever story in the form of a letter; Mark O’Connell uses a goose feather quill to protest his ignorance of technology; Emily Lu tells us about being a medical doctor, while Luke Kennard writes about being nothing of the sort; and Kate Feld drops us a note about making a quick exit.

The Letters Page, Vol 3 is an 80 page craft-bound book with fold-out facsimile reproductions of the original handwritten letters, featuring a screen-printed cover which folds out to form its own mailing package, complete with wax seal.

Order your copy today, while limited stocks last! 


We want your letters for the next issue of The Letters Page, and we want them soon. We want stories, essays, poems, memoir, travelogue, reportage, conversation, criticism, speculation, illustration, deviation, and more. If you can fit it in an envelope and put it in the post to us at the address below, we will consider it for publication. There is no theme; there are no restrictions. Be smart about it: we are a correspondence-based literary journal with a limited number of pages, and in general shortness and smallness is a virtue. But we are looking for works of literary wonder, and we have no wish to inhibit you.

Surprise us.

We particularly welcome submissions from underrepresented voices such as previously unpublished writers, BAME writers, LGBT writers and writers beyond the UK and North America.

We will pay £100 for every submission published. Please include your name and postal address with your submission. Due to the volume of the submissions received we are unable to respond to every letter.

We are currently reading submissions for Volume 4

Send your submissions to:

The Letters Page
School of English
University of Nottingham

(Please note that we may use short extracts or images of your letter on our website or social media. Please also note that all letters we receive will be held in the University of Nottingham’s Manuscripts and Special Collections archive, and may be viewed by researchers.)


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